Tango Unity

Tango is the only platform that natively brings all of your business data—not just pieces of it—into one place. No more trying to reconcile data across 10 different system with messy imports and exports.

Tango Unity gives you one place to manage, analyze and report on everything.

Find areas for cost savings and margin expansion by joining data from food, labour, sales, franchising, customers, and all other parts of your concepts into one unified platform.

All your data, all in one place
Tired of having to export data from 5 different systems into Excel to get the report you need? Tango brings everything into one unified reporting system.
Create any report imaginable
With Tango you can easily build and visualize any report you want—from a simple sales mix to a YoY growth by category report—without having to be a tech expert. All it takes is a few clicks.
Visualize anything
Visualize any data by transforming any report into a meaningful chart or graph with just the flip of a switch..
Always know your business in realtime
Aggregate current and historical data on one graph to not only report on recent data, but to visualize trends over time as well.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The benefit of Tango Unity is not just that you have everything all in one place–which is great–but it’s that every piece makes every other piece more powerful.

Having food, labor, sales, supplier and all other pieces of data managed in Tango lets you do things that wouldn’t even begin to be possible with cobble together point solutions.