Hierarchies, Approvals & Permissions

Organizational structure is a critical part of determining and controlling who should do what and when.

Tango’s employee management software with built-in organizational hierarchies makes normally complex things like approval processes or role-based permissions simple, streamlined, easy to create and manage.

Onboard new hires in minutes
Set up new hires with everything they need to be get started - from setting their location and role to sending their offer letter for e-signature.
Easy-to-use and flexible visual hierarchy
Whenever a new employee is added to your organization Tango understands how they fit in with everyone else on the team. Visualize, edit and understand your organization from the top down.
Seamless approvals
Whether approving a franchisee request, ordering or signing-off on the new marketing campaign, Tango lets you easily create approval workflows so things get done faster - and are always clearly tracked and managed from start to finish.
Manage policies across your business
With you can easily do something like creating a policy that automatically blocks an employees from clocking into their shift until they do their mandatory training. No other system can do that. With Tango it’s as easy as a few clicks.

With a system that understands the relationships between your employees, everything is easier

Whether its setting policies for spend management, hiring and onboarding new employees in seconds, approving new table-talkers or signing-off on a marketing campaign, Tango’s Hierarchies, Approvals & Permissions make everything easier.

No more sending 15 emails back and forth to get simple things done. Work smarter with Tango.