Speed Terminal POS

Tango Speed POS is the robust, powerful and intuitive hub of your operation.

Tango Speed POS is cloud-based and natively ties into all other Tango modules. The simple and easy-to-use software is built to run on Tango’s state-of-the-art, restaurant grade hardware. Manage sales, payments, and all of your core operating needs easier than ever with Tango Speed.

Total Control
With full access to all checks and orders, Tango Speed is the hub of your business providing total power over customer ordering & payment management.
Lightning Fast
Speed was crafted to provide the fastest check management in the industry - from full-service to QSR, spend more of your time with your customers.
Full Swift Integration
Speed’s total integration with Swift provides your business with a system that gives you total FOH control and flexibility across all devices.
Total Reliability
With hardware built for the hospitality industry and software designed to keep pace with every level of service, leave worry about your system’s uptime in the past.

Increase Service Flexibility with the
Speed Station

The Speed Station extends the power of Tango Speed POS to a lightweight, cord-free and fully mobile terminal experience.

Each terminal can last up to 3 days on a single charge and can easily by stored away or taken out as volume dictates. This enables your operation to scale up and down to match demand and lets you utilize the full space available in your concept without having to run cords all over the place.