Reservations &
Table Management

With Tango Reservations, businesses can be live with online reservations, waitlists, and full table management in under 20 minutes.

Tango Reservations provides actionable insights and simple management to help businesses get more covers and increase revenue —all without breaking the bank.

Reservation software shouldn’t break the bank to have, with Tango Reserve you will never have to ask the question “is this worth the cost?”
Total FOH Integration
Tango Reserve is fully integrated into Tango’s POS, providing real time seating and meal stage updates to ensure your house is optimized for covers and turn times.
With fully-integrated POS data, equip your hosts with the most accurate waitlist estimation software in the industry.
Capitalize on Peak Hours
It’s often 20% of business hours that financially make the difference. With Tango’s fully integrated FOH suite, always ensure you’re maximizing revenue during peak hours.

More Covers, Bigger Checks &
Faster Turns

Tango Reserve was built to not just facilitate reservations, but to provide the foundation for a more efficient and, ultimately, a more profitable dining room operation. Leveraging real-time data flows from both the dining room and kitchen, Reserve’s AI-based analytics provide the engine to power a consistently elite level of guest management.