Mobile Order & Pay

With Tango QR Order & Pay, guests can browse the menu, open a tab and order/pay directly from their mobile phone.

Whether you’re QSR or FSR, high-touch or low-touch service, the mobile order & pay solution is fully flexible, allowing you to configure it to the exact needs of your business, whatever your concept.

QR Order & Pay provides an enhanced, digitally native guest experience, helps your business provide more personalized service and can materially moves the needle on labour savings.

Flexible to your Service
Whether you are full table service or put total ordering control in your guests’ hands, Tango Mobile adjusts to meet your service model.
Turn the Dial
Have the ability to increase or decrease customer self-service on a moment’s notice to meet the customer demands of the moment and ensure nobody is waiting too long to order or pay.
Use Digital to Upsell
With real-time tracking of individual customer ordering, use Mobile to tailor customer recommendations and increase check size.
Personalized Offers
Integrated with Tango Loyalty, identify and provide custom offerings to your most loyal guests to drive revenue.

The Most Flexible Service Model

Combine Tango Mobile with Tango POS to provide the industry’s most flexible service model to your guests. Enable guests to order & pay on their schedule, and empower your servers to operate at a higher efficiency - serving more guests at a more personalized level.