Gift & Loyalty

Tango Gift Cards enable partnered businesses to bring in new customers and drive incremental sales, all while helping to strengthen brand awareness and loyalty.

From design to creation to fulfillment, businesses can start delighting customers with options for both physical and digital gift cards in just a few clicks.

Use our Tango templates as a base or upload your own gift card designs and deploy them digitally or in store.
Enable your guests to purchase gift cards wherever most convenient and gift your brand to their friends and family.
With total integration across online ordering, POS and mobile redemption of gift cards has never been easier. No more broken links between 3rd party gift card providers.
Gift cards are a great gateway to building a loyalty program. With Tango, every gift card distributed can be converted into a sustainable loyalty program to drive revenue.

Completely Integrated Rewards

With Tango, gift cards and loyalty are not two separate entities. We view every extension of your brand as an opportunity to incentivize customers to want to continue coming back to your brand. Whether it’s a marketing campaign with an attached virtual gift card or an employee loyalty program with fringe spending loaded to the card–we see any branded card as an opportunity to drive lasting revenue.