Email Marketing &
Customer Relationship

Tango lets businesses easily create beautiful email campaigns to keep guests engaged and coming back.

With a fully native marketing CRM linked directly to all purchasing channels and constantly aggregating available guest profile data, businesses are able to effortlessly track, segment, identify, and engage with guests.

Funnel every customer touchpoint, whether online or dine-in, into your CRM to create the largest and most accurate customer engagement platform..
From the first interaction with your brand, leverage Tango’s customer retention tools to grow relationships with each customer at scale.
Leverage the combination of Tango’s CRM & loyalty platform to target specific audiences with tailored call-to-action promo codes & discounts easily redeemable on Tango POS or online ordering.
Leverage Tango’s AI-powered targeting & conversion tools to increase customer retention and net spend at scale. Allocate budget, design a campaign and allow Tango to do the heavy lifting.

Delight your Customers

In today’s marketing landscape, brands that can deliver the right message to the right group of customers at the right time are the brands winning customer loyalty. With Tango’s Email Marketing & CRM, powered by full integration into Sales & Online Ordering, you have all the tools needed to drive customer engagement & loyalty.