Easy to set up and easy to use, but with the complete power you need to tightly manage your labor costs and ensure your business is running efficiently.

Fully integrated with all other parts of Tango, it automatically pulls in relevant date from across your organization from sales, to team management to training and more.

Increased labor efficiency = increased margins.

Quick & Easy
Add your team members and create your first schedule in minutes. Easy management and clear tracking from both desktop and mobile.
Hit your labor targets
Closely track your labor costs with powerful budgeting tools. Split between departments and roles, see target vs projected vs actuals in realtime.
Real-time labor alerts
Create labor cost par levels. If your labour cost hits that upper bound it triggers an alert to the managers on duty.
The system leverages hundreds of thousands of data points to create and recommend a schedule optimized each day for that specific location.

Manage on the fly and all in one place

Make shift changes on the fly, approve/deny time-off requests, cover requests, trade requests, availability changes and more.

Communicate with your staff effortlessly from desktop and mobile to ensure your staff know where to be when.

Use the built in memos feature send group messages, track opens and make sure expectations are communicated and received.