Ordering & Supplier Management

Place orders and communicate with your suppliers directly from within the Tango platform. in realtime. No more delivery errors, late-night waits on the phone or endless order sheets.

Not only that, with Tango ordering your invoices are all automatically integrated with Tango Inventory and most accounting software.

No more manual invoicing & direct sync to your accounting systems with item-level GL codes.

No more messed-up orders
With direct integrations into the leading suppliers your orders will always have product IDs, units, a delivery date and delivery confirmation. Cut mistakes by 85%.
Save time, save money
Ordering directly from within the Tango portal and effortlessly communicating with your vendors helps you save time and money.
Streamlined Management
View and edit all your order sheets directly from the Tango portal. Better, more streamlined management leads = better orders to your supplier = more accurate deliveries.

No more paper invoices. Improve accuracy and streamline accounting

By ordering directly through Tango all invoices are automatically digitized and stored electronically. This removes the need for manual invoice entry, saves time and eliminates mistakes.

And with integrations to all major accounting softwares your accounting has never been easier.