Menu Management

Easily manage, cost and publish menus to all of your different channels and locations - all from one place.

Built to mirror working in an excel table, easily copy, paste and manage products, modifiers, modifier options and menus with simple keystrokes or just a few clicks.

Tango makes menu management easier and more powerful than ever.

With direct integration into the product suite, easily build new or draw from existing menus in minutes not hours.
Create and manage menus by channel, day segment and revenue stream. Adjust and deploy updates across your menus instantly.
Accurately Cost
With real-time integration of inventory ingredient costs and sales rates by item, have full visibility into profit projections by menu and channel.
Deploy at Scale
Tango’s menu management scales with your organization, providing a menu publishing suite that makes managing menus across multiple locations simple and effective.

Total Menu Optimization

Combining traditional menu management & costing with real-time sales and inventory unlocks hundreds of opportunities to drive menu performance.

Whether it is optimizing a menu for profit generation in a given time period or identifying opportunities for increased check size accounting for adjustments in your guest’s ordering preferences, Tango’s AI is here to help you craft the best menu set for your business.