Inventory & Costing

Understanding and managing cost-of-goods is one of the core tenets of a successful hospitality P&L.

Tango’s inventory suite comes with deep integration into all other parts of the Tango product network, making it easier than ever to track and count inventory, measure waste and get a clear picture of margin profiles.

The easy-to-use interface and advanced reporting suite puts the power in the hands of the operator.

Real-Time Variance
Compare theoretical and actual usage in real-time, to uncover which days/shifts are causing inventory discrepancies. Get ahead of problems before they snowball.
Paired with our menu engineering, easily identify menu items that are most negatively impacting your bottom line or tying up your working capital.
Manage at Scale
With our Recipe Manager, swap ingredients and identify substitutes across your product suite with one click. Update pricing, manage margins and always have accurate visibility into your food cost portfolio.
KDS Integration
In addition to full recipe book functionality, give your cooks the ability to see recipes on the KDS in real-time. Deliver the key information when they need it and keep moving forward.

Control Food Cost and Drive the
Bottom Line

Fully integrated with POS & Supplier Ordering, Tango’s Inventory tracks real-time stock, variance and pricing and uses Tango’s AI engine to identify opportunities for incremental margin improvements and catch any potential problems right when they appear.