Tango’s AI-powered hiring software reduces employee turnover by matching candidates to open roles based on attributes of the current top-performing employees.

With Tango Hiring employers spend less time interviewing by always extracting the highest quality candidates.

The system also tracks the success of your hiring process throughout the entire career journey of the employee at your business to ensure that the assessment process is constantly being optimized in the background.

Source Candidates at Scale
With integrations into leading job boards, create and post jobs that resonate with your target audience. Cast a large net and fill openings fast.
AI-Powered Filtering
Create your desired set of qualifications and let Tango’s AI do the heavy lifting of analyzing submitted applications and presenting you with the qualified set of candidates.
Seamless Onboarding
With full integration into Tango Staff Management, onboard a new employee in minutes and automatically distribute relevant training docs & quizzes.
Performance Tracking
Powered by integrations with Tango Learning & front-line systems, track performance of new hires and easily identify knowledge gaps to improve.

Employees are the Engine

At Tango, we believe employee management is the most important driver of business performance - and it all starts with hiring. With total integration into every component of the product suite hire, track and have all the tools necessary to deliver consistent employee success.