Daily Logs & Checklists

Keep your managers in sync with the Tango daily logbook and ensure all of your employees are doing the right things with Tango checklists.

Take the guesswork out of running a tight-ship.

Keep tabs on your operation
Managers can add daily logs, tag individuals with action items and easily search all historical records.
Fully integrated with all parts of your business
Your logs automatically connect with all of your other operating data, so you can see how what happened throughout the day impacted sales, labor and inventory.
Get things done right
Create customized checklists
Maximize Accountability
Tackle challenges with consistent processes and build consistency in your brand. Create standard lists and drill into performance to ensure consistency across your enterprise.

Always have a clear picture of how the day-to-day impacts financial performance

What happens during the day is what impacts the financial performance of your business. Keep your finger on the pulse and draw clear lines between what went well / what went wrong and how that impacted your gross margins.